New Giant Fish Sticks From The Captain

Come on Captain D’s, what’s up with these extra long, hard, Long John Silver looking, fish sticks.  They are greasy as hell!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still go to Captain D’s and get me a fish plate but it will be a GRILLED fish plate.  I used to be crazy about Captain D’s flaky crust and how juicy the fish was on the inside.  But now, it’s more grease than meat, at least from where I got my 10-piece from.  Not going to put the store on blast this time.

But come on now!  The fish I got looked like it came from Long John Silver?  Hey, no disrespect to LJS, some people like the way they cook, I just don’t.


Be honest people.  What happen to the fish that used to look like the fish on the menu like the meal below.

I actually had to go in from the drive-thru and ask why the fish was dripping grease, why was it melting the styrofoam and WHY MY FISH DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THE FISH ON THE MENU.  Bad move on my part… lady behind the counter went off… hoodrat manager.  First by saying, every meal is checked for quality before the customer receives it and that I was trying to cause a scene.  I didn’t even argue or respond, I turn around and left.

Captain D’s get back on your game.  Get some secret shoppers or something and get these stores back on point.  Nobody wants to eat your fried fish one day and have to go on the 8-Week Cholesterol Cure the next.

For now my fish lovers, Captain D’s is on my do-avoid list at least the store in Tucker is… oops!

That’s all I have to say on this.  Let me here your fish tales because I know you have some.

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Update:  Went fishing and did pretty good.  Next trip in Feb. 2018 date TBD.